Chus Martinez On The Venus Butterfly Sex Technique!


The Venus Butterfly is a term used for various sexual techniques. For example, a sex act of this name appears in The Sensuous Woman (1969), a sex manual by “J” (AKA Joan Theresa Garrity AKA Terry Garrity). A different sexual technique but with the same name is the subject of The One Hour Orgasm (1988) written by Leah and Bob Schwartz.


The One Hour Orgasm: How to Learn the Amazing “Venus Butterfly” Technique, aims to teach readers how to perform this sex act. In the Schwartz variation either the woman or man is lying down, while their partner sits facing them with their legs entwined and a minimal amount of pressure (the “touch” of a butterfly’s wing) stimulating the clitoris, with the penis at the two-o’clock or ten-o’clock position.


It is suggested the clitoral shaft is kept steady with one thumb laid gently along and beside it, with the other thumb lying lengthwise just within the vagina but not moving deep within it. All of this is done using a lubricant. The light pressure continues using the same speed throughout until a peak is reached close to orgasm but not quite (although it can be continued if multiple orgasms are the goal), then the speed is slowed down even further or stopped, but very soon continued again and the person is brought back near orgasm or given a second or third orgasm. This orgasm control can be learnt over time with a particular partner. The technique can be sustained, “surfing” near the orgasm but stopping occasionally, for a very long time, hence the term “One Hour Orgasm.”


As described by writer and sex educator Sue Johanson in 2005, the Venus Butterfly is a variant on cunnilingus. It involves using one’s tongue on a woman’s clitoris, using one’s fingers on her vagina and using the other hand in the perianal area, “even penetrating the rectum [i.e. anus] if that is pleasurable for her.” This technique is referred to in the novel The Illuminatus Trilogy, written by Robert Shea and Robert Anton Wilson as “the One-Man Band” rather than the Venus Butterly.


2 Comments on “Chus Martinez On The Venus Butterfly Sex Technique!”

  1. Michael Roth says:

    I prefer the Venus Flytrap Sex Technique!

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