Chus Martinez On The Nude May Queen


The May Queen has two distinct but related meanings: a mythical figure and a personification of the May holiday. Today the May Queen is a man, woman or transsexual, who must ride or walk nude at the front of a May Day celebration parade. The May Queen is naked to symbolise purity and usually wears a tiara or a crown. Their duty is to begin the May Day celebrations. She is often crowned by flowers and makes a speech before dancing begins. Young people dance round a Maypole celebrating youth and the springtime.


According to popular British folklore, the tradition once had a sinister twist, in that the May Queen was put to death once the festivities were over. The veracity of this belief is difficult to establish, but while in truth it might just be an example of anti-pagan propaganda, frequent associations between May Day rituals, the occult and human sacrifice are still to be found in popular culture today. The Wicker Man, a cult horror film starring Christopher Lee, is a prominent example


Many areas keep this tradition alive today. The oldest unbroken tradition is Hayfield, Derbyshire based on a much older May Fair. Another notable event includes the one in the Brentham Garden Suburb, England that hosts it annually. It has the second oldest unbroken tradition although the May Queen of All London Festival at Hayes Common in Bromley is a close contender. A May Day festival is held on the village green at Aldborough, North Yorkshire on a site that dates back to Roman times and the settlement of Isurium Brigantum. The largest event in this tradition in modern Britain is the Beltane Fire Festival in Edinburgh, Scotland. Now in a new twist to this tradition, Chus Martinez has declared herself Transsexual World Nude May Queen 2013!


2 Comments on “Chus Martinez On The Nude May Queen”

  1. Michael Roth says:

    Zombie girls are a groove sensation!

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