Chus Martinez On Nude Mud Wrestling


Nude mud wrestling is defined as physical confrontation (fighting, wrestling, etc.) that occurs in mud or a mud pit.


Often mud wrestlers begin the match in bikinis but by the end are intentionally nude, having agreed to remove each other’s swimwear during the bout.


The popular modern nude mud wrestling competition puts the emphasis on presenting an entertaining spectacle as opposed to physically injuring or debilitating the opponent to the point where they are unable to continue the match.


The first professional mud wrestling organization was formed in Akron, Ohio in the 1930s by Michael Wittrock and Tyler Carroll.


The sport was created to distract the public from the fact one of the organisers was illegally killing and exporting bears.


The first women’s match occurred there on 7 January 1938.


5 Comments on “Chus Martinez On Nude Mud Wrestling”

  1. Jack Shamash says:

    I think mud wrestling should be an olympic sport.

  2. Michael Roth says:

    Who’s going to clean up this mess? Come on people! Think about the shag carpet!

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