Chus Martinez On Tamakeri


Tamakeri (literally ball kicking) is a sexual fetish and porn sub-genre in which a female kicks, knees, punches, grabs, twists, bites, or cuts a man’s testicles. This act is featured in some Japanese horror films, such as Busted Balls.


Tamakeri videos cater mainly to masochistic men for whom the idea of having their testicles abused is sexually stimulating, at least in fantasy. In pornographic tamakeri videos, the repeated genital attacks are invariably followed by sexual activity.


Though the genre appeals primarily to men, it does have some female followers in Japan and elsewhere. The female performers are mostly young, out-of-work models or actresses who appear in these videos only occasionally and to get paid. Male performers are often masochists who repeatedly apply to work in the videos.


A manga series in Shonen Jump ran a story about a talented Japanese girl karate fighter. A tamakeri scene depicts her challenging a male Muay Thai champion to a street fight. The girl beats the Thai fighter easily and humiliates him by removing his boxing shorts and squeezing his private parts until he passes out.


Genital torture is a common BDSM practice but tamakeri places particular emphasis on fighting moves and attacking the testicles.


Masochists aroused by ball busting often use women’s self-defence instructional photographs and videos to get their kicks, as well as porn produced specifically for them.


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