Chus Martinez On Navel Fetishism


Navel fetishism (or navel fetish, also referred as belly button fetish or an umbilical dip fetish) is a partialism in which an individual is sexually attracted to the human navel. It is considered to be a less common fetish compared to others like feet, buttocks etc.


A navel fetishist might like to touch the navel, gaze at it or have it rubbed during masturbation. The fetish usually develops during childhood or early adulthood. The vertical orientation of the umbilicus in women is preferred by most men and women. A study done by Charles Puckett of the University of Missouri found that vertically oriented navels with a T-shape were considered the most attractive.


Due to its shape, appearance and proximity to female genitals, a woman’s navel is sometimes viewed as a secondary vulva. In older paintings and photographs, the navel type depicted is usually round, but the vertical slit has become prevalent as the preferred type of eroticised belly button in recent times. The navel is an erogenous zone and it is used by some navel fetishists as a target of outercourse. Some men enjoy rubbing their penis around a partner’s navel. Some even try to involve in “navel intercourse” similar to mammary intercourse if a partner has sufficient skin around his or her waist.


A navel fetishist can be sexually aroused by a variety of stimuli, including key words, thoughts or specific forms of physical interaction with the navel. Many belly button fetishists are aroused simply by viewing a navel.  Obviously they enjoy watching belly dancers! Although the fashion started with belly dancers, it has become increasingly common for all young woman to have navel piercings or to insert sequins into their navels to make them look even more attractive.


Some belly button fetishists enjoy physical acts involving the navel. These include licking the navel or rubbing body oil or suntan lotion into it. Others enjoy pouring drops of champagne, honey, chocolate sauce, whipped cream, etc., into and around the belly button and then licking or sucking it up. Similarly, licking or rolling the tongue into the navel while underwater can induce erotic pleasure.


Likewise some belly button fetishists are aroused by navel tickling and teasing with a feather, flower or a piece of grass. Fingering the belly button is also a common act. Others prefer to perform navel torture, a series of pain-inflicting acts such as piercing and stabbing the navel.


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