Chus Martinez On Topless Tennis


If you do a web search for ‘topless tennis’ you’ll get plenty of relatively recent soft porn videos in the results. However little work has been done on the history of topless tennis. One of its earlier manifestations is in the Brucesploitation movie Challenge Of The Tiger (directed and staring Bruce Lee imitator Bruce Le, 1980). In this movie Ninja and Italian exploitation film star Richard Harrison plays a stud called Cannon. Harrison specialises in seducing women while his partner in crime Bruce Le kicks ass. Cannon is introduced playing tennis with some hot topless totty – shot in slow motion. He also has a pool full of naked babes.


Some other historical examples of topless tennis are:


Branka Pupovac (born 3 March 1972) is a Paralympic wheelchair tennis competitor from Australia. Pupovac is an incomplete paraplegic, as a result of an accident while riding on the back of a friend’s motorcycle when she was twenty. Her friend crossed a set of double lines in an effort to overtake a car. She was wearing a helmet at the time, but still had significant damage done to her neck and spinal cord. Pupovac, alongside Karni Liddell, Hamish MacDonald and Charmaine Dalli, was one of eighteen Australian Paralympians photographed by Emma Hack for a nude calendar. The photograph of her in the calendar features her topless and covered in brown and gold body paint.


In 2002 female tennis champion Anastasiya Myskina (born July 8, 1981, Moscow, Russia) Myskina had a series of photos taken for GQ magazine by the photographer Mark Seliger for a spread in the October edition of the publication, in which one approved photo of her fully clothed was published. After she won the French Open in 2004, some photographs from the shoot, in which she appeared topless, were published in the July/August 2004 issue of the Russian magazine Medved (Bear).


In August 2004, Myskina filed an $8 million USD lawsuit against GQ for allowing her topless photographs to appear in Medved without her consent. On June 19, 2005, U.S. District Judge Michael Mukasey, later United States Attorney General, ruled that Anastasiya Myskina could not stop the distribution of the topless photos, because she had signed a release. Myskina had claimed that she did not understand the photo release form and that she was not fluent in English at the time.


In the uncensored version of the 2003 music video for Work It by Nelly (featuring Justin Timberlake) two Playboy Playmates appear completely naked on a tennis court with Nelly.


But the key reference cultural reference point for topless tennis remains videos of hot babes chosen for their buxom charms rather than their sporting skill. Which is a shame when you think of how great top players like the Williams sisters look. Venus and Serena Williams are obviously great at tennis – as well as super-hot – and this leads me to think completely nude tennis with talented athletes makes a lot more sense than the topless variety with glamour girls!


17 Comments on “Chus Martinez On Topless Tennis”

  1. clumie says:

    Anna Korner wotsit?

  2. clumie says:

    Not too sure about Male tennis players. Many of them seem to be quite repellent. For example that Swiss one who looks like he should be modelling for the Littlewoods catalogue.

    • Andy Murray also comes across as a berk too – I still like the Williams sisters way more than any other tennis stars… they are the best!

      • clumie says:

        I like the Williams sisters too. I like them in the Snoop Dog song! They remind me of an American friend I had when I was a kid who came and lived near us for a while and wiped the floor with everyone at the school sports day, especially the hurdles. Incredible athletes.

  3. clumie says:

    Here is a link for B Becker and ‘glamour’ (ahem).

  4. Michael Roth says:

    I’m always close to the foul line whenever I play topless tennis.

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