Chus Martinez On Fetish Models


A fetish model is someone who models fetish clothing or appears nude in sexual poses with piercings and tattoos. Fetish fashions are considered extreme and provocative, designed to elicit a strong emotional reactions from those who see them. Fetish modelling may involve bondage, body modification, and exotic glamour photography as well as sexual fantasy costuming (i.e. maid’s outfits, nurses, etc.). Fetish models may model for photography, and appear at BDSM fairs and parties.


Fetish modelling covers a wide range of fetishes, including bondage, latex, corsets, wedgies, tattoo/body piercing, shoes, thin fetishism and food fetishism. Fetishes may also involve specific body parts, such as breasts, navel, feet, or scars. Some fetishes – such as that for C-section scars – have very small but nonetheless dedicated audiences, making it difficult for models in these areas to become full time professionals.


Fetish appreciation is very subjective and what stimulates one pervert may not interest other sex freaks. The more extreme appreciations such as scat (shit fun) mostly repulse other fetishists even if their shtick is as wacky and stinky as sneaker sniffing.


The most famous fetish model of all time is the 1950s bondage icon and pin-up girl Bettie Page – who posed for mail order sex photographer Irving Klaw, and was subsequently featured in Playboy.


There are specialized publications that feature and promote fetish models, including Skin Two, Secret, Italian A Magazine (not to be confused with the now defunct A(sian) Magazine), and Marquis. Fetish models may run personal adult pay websites and are featured on fetish adult pay sites.


2 Comments on “Chus Martinez On Fetish Models”

  1. Michael Roth says:

    According to reports first published in Japanese newspapers, most likely that the two pictures show the same person. A large rally was held several weeks prior to the announcement.

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