Chus Martinez On Laura Gemser


Laurette Marcia “Laura” Gemser (born October 5, 1950, Java, Indonesia) is exploitation film actress. She is best known for taking the lead role in a series of Black Emanuelle films and working with Italian directors such as Joe D’Amato and Bruno Mattei.


Gemser left Indonesia at the age of four (in 1955) and moved with her parents to the Netherlands. She grew up in the Dutch city of Utrecht, where she attended the MULO Regentesseschool school. Later she studied at the Artibus Art School in Utrecht, where she specialized in fashion design.


After modelling in various magazines in the Netherlands and Belgium, Gemser took roles in various softcore porn films. She became an international box office sensation after starring in a number of Black Emanuelle films in the 1970s.


In 1975 Gemser moved to Italy. Gemser took on a more mainstream role as Laotian refugee Keo Sirisomphone in Michael Landon’s 1983 American television movie, Love Is Forever – in this she was billed as Moira Chen.


After this Gemser continued to make films, albeit more often than not in supporting roles, and at times working with her actor husband, Gabriele Tinti. Gemser also appeared in at least one aerobics workout video in the mid-eighties.


In the 1990s Gemser gave up acting and switched to doing costume design for film.


Gemser’s husband Tinti died of cancer in 1991. Currently Gemser is retired and keeps a low profile in Rome.


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