Chus Martinez On Hot Legs


A leg is a weight bearing and locomotive structure, usually having a columnar shape. During locomotion, legs function as “extensible struts” – the combination of movements at all joints can be modelled as a single, linear element capable of changing length and rotating about an omnidirectional “hip” joint.


As an anatomical animal structure it is used for locomotion. The distal end is often modified to distribute force (such as a foot). Most animals have an even number of legs.


As a component of furniture it is used for the economy of materials needed to provide the support for the useful surface, the table top or chair seat.


In tetrapod anatomy, leg is used to refer to the entire limb. In human medicine its precise definition refers only to the segment between the knee and the ankle. This segment is also called the shank, and the front (anterior) of the segment is called the shin or pretibia.


In bipedal tetrapods, the two lower limbs are referred to as the “legs” and the two upper limbs as “arms” or “wings” as the case may be.


And if you want hot legs then I’d recommend a lot of squats and lunges (front, back and side) with some deadlifts thrown in for good measure.


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