Ladyboy Day


25 March is Ladyboy Day and the first day of the New Year in the communudist calendar. This is because on that day Karl Marx appeared to Chus Martinez and told her that the working class must transform itself into a transsexual collective phantom all using her name in order to carry out a world-wide proletarian revolution with unlicensed pleasure as it’s only aim.

Legend also has it that Chus Martinez gained her g-string tripping skills from a visit to a library at midnight, where she laid an open copy of Das Kapital on a table and then proceeded to perform a burlesque routine. At exactly one second past midnight on 25 March a strange bearded figure emerged offering to make her the greatest ladyboy stripper of all time in return for her pledge to keep the Marxist programme invariant and free from revision.

Above Chus Martinez doing a burlesque routine.

4 Comments on “Ladyboy Day”

  1. Chus 4 Life says:

    It’s all true!

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