Spiritual Communism


Unlike apologists for capitalist social relations, communudists have no desire to exalt the superiority of ‘modern man’ over his primitive forebears. On the contrary, communudists intuitively understand the ‘grandeur’ of primitive man and see in the society of the future a restoration, albeit on a higher level, of the primitive communism of the classless societies of the past.

Communudists know that anyone who wishes to be consistent in their opposition to capitalism must necessarily re-appropriate the types of consciousness that emerged from primitive communities, as well as their social form. Since the primitive community is a true community, a society without exploitation, in which production is still geared towards the satisfaction of human needs, it follows that a large part of the material resources of these societies were directed not simply towards the immediate struggle for existence but rather into activities that were enjoyed simply for their own sake. Work was suspended and life became play. The remorseless necessity to direct activity towards some future goal was replaced by pursuits without pre-determined ends. The tyranny of time was suspended and instead everybody found themselves transported into an ecstatic present.

The development of civilisation has involved a gradual but accelerating suppression of the shamanic art of ecstasy. Thus the degree to which this art has been lost, crushed, or driven underground by the advance of civilisation, and above all by capitalist civilisation, is a yardstick by which we measure the alienation of (wo)man. Therefore the shaman’s capacity to ‘‘recapture’ the ‘language of the animals’, to allow the unconscious to speak through him, is anything but a regression to a sub-human level. It is rather one aspect of a ‘greater synthesis’ which combines the untrammelled power of animals – who are not subject to repression and can thus function to the maximum of their potential – with the creative intelligence that is unique to the human species. Shamanism is an ascent to a state where (wo)man enjoys a complete and unalienated union of instinct and conscious thought. It is an art of disalienation in which we rediscover our species-being, a state of social ‘grace’ in which we become complete.

Above – Chus Martinez demonstrates the naked power of spiritual communism!

2 Responses to Spiritual Communism

Michael Roth | September 7, 2012 at 4:56 am The wounded Communudist is an archetype for a shamanizing journey. This process is important to the young Communudist. S/he takes on a sickness from the Capitalist system that pushes her or him to the brink of death. This happens for two reasons:

1. The Communudist crosses over to the under world. This happens so he or she can venture to its depths to bring back vital information for the sick infected with the Capitalist disease, and for the good of the community.

2. The Communudist must become sick to understand sickness. When the Communudist overcomes her or his own sickness s/he will hold the cure to heal all that suffer. This is the uncanny mark of the wounded Communudist.

chusmartinezproject | September 7, 2012 at 3:16 pm |Only as transsexual communudist shamans can we collectively climb the world tree and reclaim the ecstasy that is the essence of our species being!

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