Chus Martinez – Red Contortionist


Chus Martinez is a former professional footballer with top Argentinean club Estudiantes de La Plata. As a political activist in the 1950s Martinez lambasted the Leninists for lacking confidence in the possibility of revolution.

By 1962 Martinez was declaring: ““Atomic war is inevitable. It will destroy half of humanity: it is going to destroy immense human riches. Atomic war is going to provoke a true inferno on Earth. But it will not impede Communism… Nuclear war equals revolutionary war. It will damage humanity but it will not – it cannot – destroy the level of consciousness reached by the proletariat… Humanity will pass quickly through a nuclear war into a new human society – Socialism.”

In 1968 Martinez announced that UFOs definitely existed and that they came from a socialist future or alien socialist planet and would assist the Earth’s proletariat in the overthrow of capitalism.

In his pamphlet Les Soucoupes Volantes, le processus de la matiere et de l’energie, la science et le socialisme (Flying Saucers, the process of matter and energy, science and socialism), Martinez explained that ““We must call upon beings from other planets when they come to intervene, to collaborate with the inhabitants of the Earth to overcome misery. We must launch a call on them to use their resources to help us.”

More recently Martinez has been involved in artistic experiments involving dolphins and water birthing. These, Martinez believes, may help us break through to our communist future. Socialism, Martinez insists, must be understood as a form of “harmonisation”, a balancing of “man’s relationship to the earth, to nature and to the cosmos.”

According to Chus Martinez after the proletarian revolution we will all become expert contortionists – because this is the way in which we can express our dialectical human nature physically.

4 Comments on “Chus Martinez – Red Contortionist”

  1. This is how I drink my tea every morning. Although, because I am a Communudist, I am naked when I do!

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